Markenting Manager

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Distrito Federal
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Sueldo :
Ofertas Gold (>800K MXN/año)
Experiencia :
5 - 10 años
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Descripción de la empresa

Sector retail/moda fashion/ textil

Descripción del puesto

Marketing Manager for professional apparel reporting into the Textiles/Fashion division. This position will primarily focus on developing, executing, and monitoring online marketing campaigns to drive growth and loyalty within our retail website. We are seeking a dynamic, hard-working professional with a solid education or background in Marketing and/or Product Management and a desire to work for a fast-paced, large corporate organization.In addition to exceptional leadership and analytical skills, the ideal candidate possesses a “roll-up your sleeves” attitude
The marketing manager will be required to use a wide range of creative techniques to communicate with the customer and maximize the publicity of the company.
The marketing manager will be responsible for organising all of a company’s printed literature, including websites, signage and branding on packaging. The role will include reviewing market data to identify new opportunities and new threats. It will also require monitoring and analysing the results of marketing campaigns.


What will you do? 
  • Create, execute, analyze and adjust ongoing marketing campaigns to drive growth in revenue and absolute profit on all website transactions
  • Create and maintain a customer loyalty program
  • Update marketing content and merchandise website product on a regular basis to optimize search and customer experience
  • Execute SEO campaigns
  • Experienced leveraging all forms of social media to drive traffic to the website as well as conversions to orders
  • Regularly develop and post relevant content on affiliated sites such as ads, blogs, and promotions
  • Develop content that clearly position each brand and unique offering on the website
  • Utilize analytics to pivot marketing tactics, site layout and content management to be optimized for customer experience and top line growth
  • Add and remove product offering to keep the site fresh and engaging to users
  • Provide clarity to the state of the business both from a financial and future planning for growth to upper management
  • Liaison for the customer service team for any and all customer resolution needs
  • Analyze competitive websites and develop strategies to compete and differentiate
  • Manage all tasks necessary for sales promotions
  • Strong operational mindset
  • Must have the ability to face challenges head on and focus on solutions, not road blocks